The Success Story of the Vans Shoes

Dated last March 1966, the very first Vans shoes were produced in one of the stores in Anaheim, California. The name of the locally owned store was The Van Rubber Company. During that time, Paul Van Doren together with his three partners in business sold about 12 pairs of shoes. The shoes were known as the Authentics Today. The customers pre-ordered the shoes then the company’s shoemakers made the orders. On the launching day, customers picked up the shoes on the store. That was the start of Vans shoes and no one expects even the owners together with his partner would believe that the popularity would explode very fast.

Vans Off The Wall - The History of Vans Shoes First and Still Best 1988

Around 1970’s, the company was already creating vans skate shoes. The company grew bigger and begun branching out to BMX market.  Vans also included shoes that made the company more popular. The #95 and the #44 shoes which actually known as the Era and the Slip-ons are the company’s rooster of popular shoes. The Era shoes were very famous because of the fact that the professional and popular skateboarders named Stacy Peralta together with Tony Alva helped in the development of the shoe design. During the year of 1970, Vans shoes company has already opened around 70 stores all over the state.


In 1980’s the company continued to expand their marketplace. However, that year was not very prosperous for them. All the company’s resources were all gone. Thus, in 1983 they finally decided to file bankruptcy. However, the company never stops trying. Hence, they made sure to do their very best bounce back. Now, Vans company is considered by lots of people regardless if he or she is a skateboarder or not.


There are cheap Vans shoes online. You can go over those online stores and choose what style suits you best. There are black Vans and other colors with different designs. Vans shoes are really comfortable to wear. The vans boat shoes are also comfy to wear. This makes the shoes more admirable and most wasted by different people regardless of their age bracket.

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The Van Rubber Company is still best in the market. As the years go by, the company is becoming more inspired to create new and fresh designs made for men and women. Though the company experienced bad years, that downfall is not a hindrance for them to aim for more success.  Van shoes today is a household name for skating enthusiasts or just average people. This is thanks to the unwavering attitude of the owners to stand up after a huge fall.