A Guide To Teens Fashion Style

Teens fashion style is all about comfort and trends. If you want to make the right statement with the newest style, then you need to know the latest trends.

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Colors Trends

Color is important when it comes to fashion. Complimentary colors are closer shades and contrasting colors play off one another. The following are the latest color trends.

  • Light and navy blue can apply to any clothes and accessories.
  • Olive green looks best in jacket or vest over a heavier color.
  • Leathery brown, soft yellow, purple, orange red and bright colors give plenty of options to combine an outfit.
  • There is an 80′s revival going on so look to neon colors.
  • The current color preferences for boys are grey, gold, royal blue, burnt red, and bronze.

Try to match these colors with the season. It’s too costly to keep replacing the contents of your closets; hence, layering with either complimentary or contrasting colors is the way to use old clothes, still be in style and save money.  Black vans are great, but blue vans are also pretty darn awesome!

Trends for Teens

The following are some of the latest trends in teen fashion.

  • When it comes to hats, the most popular are vintage bucket, faux fur, fedora, and gaucho.
  • For boys, suits that are long and sleek are preferred over baggy and thicker ones.
  • Fur trimmed coats and leather are among the trending stuff for teenage boys currently.
  • Skirts for girls could be maxi, midi, or mini. Still, dresses will make teenage girls look cute.
  • Bright sneakers can really make a statement and sell the look. If you’re on the punk style try vans shoes, black Vans shoes will look good on you. Shoes for girls range from boots to Converse sneakers in popular colors.

Black Vans Classic Slip On Sneakers Shoes


When it comes to teens fashion style, accessories really do matter.

  • Belts should be the same color as the shoes.
  • The choice of necklace, jewelry and watches can really tie the outfit together. Hence, when selecting for accessories, look around and select carefully with the prospect outfits in mind.
  • Hats can be overdone so don’t go overboard.
  • Bags aren’t only accessories but also function to contain your things.
  • Scarves are the in-things not only for fall and winter seasons but also during spring summer too.
  • With sunglasses, try looking for those with a versatile style or with changeable temples or arms so you can have several choices in color.


You can make or break the right teens fashion style with your hat, scarf, shoes and clothing combination. Following these trends and tweaking your outfit with just the right combination will lead to a fashionable you.