Black Vans Shoes – Anything But Basic

Van Shoes Vans Off The Wall“ are known for their sporting footwear from skate boarding and boat shoes to sporting boots. These popular shoes are designed for men, women and children and come in every color in the rainbow, however it is the black van shoes that really get people talking. Van’s has taken the basic black look to whole new level in their shoes.


Black Vans Authentic Skate Shoe

Sports Shoes Never Looked So Stylish

The first thing you will notice about Vans sporting shoes is that tennis and other sporting shoes never looked so stylish or felt so comfortable. From those high top tennis shoes to their black vans slip ons, High tops and even boot style sports shoes Vans offers a wide variety of shoes that are not only sporty, but comfortable and stylish as well.

stylish black vans shoes

Pretty In Black

We all know that girls of all ages shy away from wearing black even in their shoes, mainly because they view black shoes as boring and hum-drum. However, Black Vans for girls are anything but basic or boring because Vans knows that the way to a girls heart is by making a shoe that has a bit of pizzazz as these styles of girls shoes will illustrate.

  • Vans Shot2Heart- This black canvas upper is printed with with red and pink heart and arrow design that takes this shoe from being black and boring to being fun and flirty. The red waffle sole gives these shoes a little extra kick and makes them truly unique.
  • Vans Camryn Plus Shoes- These cute black boat style shoes have a white printed design and come as either a suede or canvas upper and micro rubber sole. They also come with a purse that gives girls a little extra something for their money.
  • Vans Polka dot Leah- This is a perfect shoe for both toddlers and school age children. This slip on shoe may be basic black, but the white dots on these slip on canvas uppers with grippy outer soles makes them something special.
  • Tinsel Canvas Atwood-These woven canvas tops feature a basic black shoe with silver threads woven in that makes these shoes glittery and fun.

latest styles of black vans for girls

Most of the Vans shoes made for girls also have their adult counterparts so women who are looking for a little fun in their footwear can also get these creative styles of Van shoes as well. Men and boys shoes aren’t lacking in style either as there are a variety of different styles of Vans shoes to choose from and those who want basic or not so basic black shoes certainly won’t be disappointed with their choices either.

popular designs of black vans slip ons

Aside from black, Vans sells a variety of colored sports shoes all of which are created with the same care attention to detail. However, it is the black Vans shoes that really show that this company strives to produce the perfect shoe for everyone in the family from the smallest toddler, to school age children, to those selective teenagers and adults. If you want a sporting shoe that is both stylish and well made then you simply can’t do any better than Vans.