Sneakers: Theres never been a better shoe. Ever

The casual type of footwear is as popular as ever.  You can go anywhere these days in a pair of sneakers, be it a school prom, a wedding, the beach or even on the catwalk!


Black Vans, good chartlotte, punk vans, black sneakersSneakers are not just white tennis shoes, they are not just a pair of Adidas superstars.  Vans are well known to be one of the most popular and iconic sneakers ever.  Vans were always synonymous with Punk rock, the preferred footwear of choice for surfers and skaters, and in high schools all over the world, a pair of black vans is the only way you’ll get a cool-kid to wear black shoes to school!

“Can you wear a pair of sneakers at your work?!  That is the question.”

But these days, A-list celebs are being snapped in their Vans and sneakers when out and about, or when theyre on their down-time.  Rihanna is a massive fan, so is Pitball, Hugh Jackman and Christiano Ronaldo.  Karl Lagerfeld showed every single look at his most recent Haute Couture show, with the models sporting sneakers.

There is no other type of footwear that is so darn comfortable!  Heels? Bah, ouch!  Business shoes, welly boots, stuffy clunky loafers?  No thanks, Ill have a pair of broken-in sneakers please!

High Tops are the current booming sneaker.  Whether you are planning to bash out a game of basketball, or are going for a very daring alternative to heels, hightop sneakers are very very popular.  AND they have fantastic ankle support too ;-)

For many women in their 40-50s sneakers may be zoned purely for the stay-at-home situation, but the youth of today dont care, they are daring and not concerned about what shoes they should wear and to where?

But lets be clear here, for sneakers to be considered a worthy supporting act to your new suit/slacks/dress or gown, they have to be box-fresh.  A pair of smelly crusty old Reeboks will not go well with anything other than something of an equally horrible equivalent (i.e. fishing clothes, jogging/gym get-up, or to throw at the dog when he barks during the night).